Happy new year to all of you from the team here at Enterprise and Business Gateway!

The festive period is such a great time for you to reflect on your life and work; past, present and future. People tend to make New Years resolutions so why shouldn't that resolution be about becoming your own boss and start doing something you love as your job.

New Year Start Up Business in 2014 Business Gateway

Whilst enjoying some 'down time' and surrounded by family and friends that you may not see all the time, discussions can often lead to

'how is your work/ business idea going?'

People tend to use January to give themselves an appraisal, to look at where are you in terms of meeting your goals from last year and what you have acheived.

You might feel that 2014 is the year you need to exercise your body or mind more often, to increase your reading, improve your work/life balance, make a life change, or put some of your shelved life plans into action.

Our Business Gateway support advisers often see an increase of people looking for start-up business advice at this time of year; those who see the fresh slate of a new year as a good opportunity to make a change or development in their professional life, and make their dreams a reality. 

So this Saturday (the 11th of January 2014) you will find our friendly Business Gateway advisers conveniently located in Aberdeen's Union Square in the main foyer.
Why not take a few minutes out of your January sales shopping, meeting with friends, a trip to the cinema, lunch or dinner to come and ask our advisers any burning questions you might have about starting your own business?

Our Business Gateway advisers will be on hand between 9am and 7pm to answer any queries (big or small).

You might want to know what funding opportunities or free resources are available to you?

What free workshops exist that can help your start up idea, or existing business?

Our advisers are experts in helping start up and growing businesses improve their skills and business performance, and are happy to help.

Hope to see you there!

Start your business 2014 business gateway union square Aberdeen

After all...

If not you, who?

If not now, when?

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