Elevator is the beating heart of Scotland’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Our goal is the creation of an innovation-driven society that delivers personal, national and regional prosperity.

Elevator is Scotland’s leading private sector organisation dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurs, inventors, disruptors, game changers and business leaders of today and tomorrow.

We have a desire to make a difference.

As a social enterprise, we maximise our impact by reinvesting in the regions where we operate. Our model represents unprecedented innovation within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and has enabled us to launch a plethora of initiatives over the years. 

Our thriving Centres for Entrepreneurship offer a safe space to help ambitious entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses through a range of highly effective accelerator programmes. From our Flagship and Academic Accelerators to our sector specific programmes for creatives, company creative programmes for the energy and sustainable mobility industries to our rural offering – there is something for everyone.

We deliver vibrant and inspiring business support to nearly 40% of Scotland’s start-ups - covering both rural and urban space. The largest provider of Business Gateway services in Scotland, we deliver support across Aberdeen, Dundee, Angus, Perth and Lanarkshire. 

In addition, we have a network of Business Centres, providing flexible, professional office space at 21 different locations across the North of Scotland. These offer valuable community workspaces containing a mixture of small businesses, training and meeting facilities.

Our vision for Scotland is clear - a national, connected approach that will stimulate and support the development of an innovative, pioneering, progressive and entrepreneurial society.

Engaging and collaborating with partners, founders and alumni, we are collectively making Scotland an inclusive, sustainable and inspiring place in which to do business.

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