Have you ever been to Inverurie?

Inverurie can sometimes be one of those places we all know about but in many cases have never been. However, maybe we should finally make that trip, because it seems a lot of fun can be had up there! Of course for those of you a bit closer to Inverurie, you will already know this! But for those of us in other parts of Scotland, and those a little closer alike, let me introduce to you, Independant Retailer's Day!

For example, 4th of July 2013 is Independent Retailer’s Day. A celebration where smaller independent and local retailers take centre stage. In a world quickly becoming dominated by the vice grip of huge multinational chain superstores, Independent Retailer’s Day, run by Inverurie4U these local businesses are the star and will be open late till 8pm offering discounts, tasters and showing the world what they offer! For the younger adventurers visiting mythical Inverurie, there is also a treasure hunt as well as other fun for all the family!

So for everyone no matter where you’re from, check out Independent Retailer’s Day, and support the local businesses that give smaller towns like Inverurie it’s charm and character! A great day out can be had for all!


For more information, please visit www.inverurie4u.com! And we'll see you there!

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