5 Top Tips for Renting your First Office Space

ABERDEEN025Making the jump from working at the kitchen table to professional office space can often represent a pretty intimidating leap, but it’s one that can reap big rewards. From rocketing your business image into the stratosphere right through to making it easier to separate work and family life, most businesses who have made that leap have never looked back.

If your business is building up nicely and you’re looking to take that step up, then we’ve got a few top tips to help smooth that exciting transition. 

1. Avoid unexpected outgoings with ‘serviced’ office space

The term ‘serviced’ office space means simply that your monthly cost is fully inclusive of your outgoings with additional services included, or available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Typically rent, service charges, heat, lighting, cleaning, furniture, kitchen, bathroom and reception facilities will all be covered within the monthly rate. Much like in student days when you or a friend may have rented that room that had a lot of the bills included – serviced office space is a bit like that.

Our Elevator Business Centres offer serviced office space to make renting your business home much easier.

2. Location, location, location

Newmachar RossLocation may be one of your most important considerations when renting your office space. There are a number of things you might want to consider: Is it within easy commuting distance? Is it in or near the area where you are doing business? Is it easy for your clients to visit? 

It’s worth considering that rural offices may be cheaper than city centre ones, and may only be an extra 10 minute commute. It’s also worth considering whether the office is easily accessible for your team - or if you don’t have a team just yet, choose an office that is close enough to an area that’s populated with the potential talent you may look for eventually.

3. Flexible office terms rule!

Office ad 3Offices with short-term and flexible terms beat lengthy fixed terms hands down. Flexible terms often give you more freedom, and also offer much better chances of negotiating a good discount. As your company grows, you may want to move into a bigger office, or even to another Business Centre (Elevator Business Centres have plenty locations to select from), and flexible leases will perfectly accommodate this. 

As well as offering flexible terms, Elevator Business Centres are also fully serviced, with facilities such as a full-time manned reception, at most locations, being a major bonus for your business.

Top tip: think about where your business may be in 2, 3, 5 years time, and make sure your office and contract are not inhibiting your growth. Flexible office terms mean that you can change your office and facilities as your grow – a bit like changing your houseplant into a bigger pot when it needs it!

4. It’s not just about the office.

581258 298252593585844 1487107806 nParking is another important factor that can sometimes be overlooked when renting your first office space. Parking spaces become invaluable when staff (including you) are trying to get to work on time, and of course when you have visitors or clients coming in for meetings. 

Bike storage and shower facilities is something else that is very useful but a lot of offices don’t actually come equipped for. 

Good public transport links nearby are very valuable and allow staff to travel in a cost efficient and environmentally friendly way.

 Thankfully, our own Elevator Business Centres have these facilities covered, along with another consideration – meeting space. It’s not always appropriate to meet clients in your office, especially if you have staff working or simply like to keep your client meetings out of your work environment. 

5. Decide if you really need a whole office - would desk space suit you better?

Elevator CooworkingOffice space isn’t the only option available to those looking to move their business out of the home. If you are currently a smaller venture, then a desk in a buzzing and productive business environment may be all you need, then that’s exactly what you can have. We also have office space suitable for one person.

Co-working creates a vibrant space that brings people together who will be running their own business, or may be working for a larger company away from their usual offices. This helps create a good (and productive) buzz, some great contacts and of course will greatly improve your Christmas party! Elevator Business Centres’ Aberdeen City Centre Co-working facility also puts you in the heart of one of Scotland’s most economically happening cities.

Co-working space also wont mean you take a hit in the facilities department – things like meeting rooms, kitchen and breakout facilities should still be included, so it can present a great mini-step between moving from home to office.

Elevator Business Centres operates a range of quality fully serviced office facilities in 19 locations across the North-East of Scotland. Whether looking for a single desk, or a large office for your whole team, Elevator Business Centres can offer flexible space and leases. To find out more or see what we have to suit your business needs, get in touch today on 01224 289738, or email Karen@ElevatorUK.com.


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