‘Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.’ Bruce Lee

Tiger Woods roared back to one of sport’s greatest comebacks on Sunday (14th April 2019), a sight most never thought they would see. At the age of 43, Woods triumphed at the Masters for the first time in 14 years.

3,945 days. This is the time Woods waited to win his 15th major and his one-stroke win highlights an important message that even those with no interest in golf can learn from - an unconquerable mindset can overcome anything.

We’ve put together four lessons from this moment in history to remind you that with grit and determination anyone, in life and in business, can unleash their own Tiger roar. 

1. Let doubt fuel your fire

Tiger Woods was branded a ‘former’ golfer - after several injuries, doubts from the media and personal scandal, it was hard to find anyone who believed he would win another tournament.

Despite this overwhelming criticism, he proved everyone wrong. During your own entrepreneurial journey you will face more critics than you would like, and nine times out of ten this criticism comes from individuals who have given up on their own dreams.

Use this to fuel your determination. You are in control of your future.

2. Focus your personal brand    

It is no secret that Woods has taken a few wrong turns in life. But he overcame what the world thought of him by creating his own brand image.

You can take inspiration from this. A lost job, failed project, missed promotion, or maybe you have been simply faced with another ‘no’, visualising your success is half the battle in achieving it. Picture how you want your future to look and make it happen.

I am sure Woods visualised himself in that prestigious Green Jacket just one more time.

3. Learn, unlearn and relearn    

After numerous surgeries, which affected his technique, Woods had to retrain his body and mind in order to take a second swing at success.

We live in a world that is constantly changing, refusing to acknowledge this will see future opportunities diminish. To stay ahead of the game you must be willing to adapt to change, letting go of old rules and learning new ones as quickly as they appear. This will be key to unlocking success in an evolving environment.

4. Never. Give. Up.

Woods’ victory will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history. It is a triumph of perseverance.

If anything, the biggest lesson we can all take from all of this: no matter how seemingly massive, every one of your setbacks is just a comeback in disguise!

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