Financial Readiness

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The most successful businesses are able to change, adapt and take action when circumstances change, the business budgets and forecasts must be able to do the same. Business owners need to understand why a good budget/forecast is an essential tool, not only for controlling costs, evaluating pricing etc but also for motivating. 

The first phase is to understand the drivers of the model and from there the SME can set out their financial expectations for the business, reduce the level of uncertainty and help anticipate problems. The forecasts would include profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and cash-flow which can be updated as often as required as the business changes and can be incorporated as budgets to allow actual performance to be measured and assessed against forecast performance

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For businesses at the start of their life-cycle our team will help find the method that is the simplest and most effective for each business. For Glasgow's more mature SMEs we will look at current forecasting methods and ensure they are fit for purpose to allow the company’s financial growth objectives to be met.

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