This July (2014), our friends at We Are The Future are paying for 5 young entrepreneurs to fly out and stay in San Francisco for a week of entrepreneurship from 21st - 27th July 2014.

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We Are The Future want to take the best Scottish based start-up businesses to San Francisco with them for a week long entrepreneurial experience with some of the most exciting new start ups in the world, ending with the Start-Up Summit on 26th July.

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On this trip you will connect with business leaders in some of the worlds largest organisations, such as Apple, HP, Ebay and AirBnB.

You will also be linked with US entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as the organisations that can help you expand internationally.

You could win a chance to go out to San Francisco with them!!

All they are looking for is a 30 second video explaining, "How you would benefit from attending The Start-Up Summit in San Francisco?” - to submit your video and for more details go to

You can also download the ‘SanFranSUS’ app from any app store to record your video on your phone.

Tips for your application from We Are The Future:

These tips are by no means the way to record your application, but simply things to bare in mind.

• Keep it concise, don't waffle - you only have 30 seconds. If it's not relevant, leave it out.

• Read the question, then answer it - we don't need to know everything about you at this stage.

• Don't waste time - don't fill up your time with long descriptions of your business; we have Google and we will probably use it.

• Take a selfie - the production value of your video application will not influence the decision making process, we want to see you and hear about your business.

You can download the SanFranSUS app now.

Apply using your phone or tablet by downloading the 'SanFranSUS' app from any app store now:

To download on Google Play click here: 



Or to download it on the app store - click here: available on the app store enterprise entrepreneur

What have you got to lose?

You can apply for the competition HERE

Best of Luck folks!

Entry requirements are as follows:

  • Actively trading for less than 18 months - (by 26th July 2014)
  • Applicant under 30 years old - (by 26th July 2014)
  • Business based in Scotland i.e you are primarily working Scotland - (by 23rd June 2014)
  • One application per company

You can follow updates on this competition on Twitter:


Facebook: /wearethefuturescotland

LinkedIn: /company/we-are-the-future-uk-/

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