Mackies Ice Cream & The Recruit

A guest blog from school pupils currently partaking in The Recruit, our programme within schools, assisting pupils to get employment ready and encouraging enterprising thinking.      

Elevator Recruit LogoHi, we a are small group of 5th/6th year students from an employability programme called Recruit, run by Elevator. In our group we have learnt about communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving, general personal development and how to use these skills in things like job interviews.

Recently we received a challenge from Mackie’s ice cream to create a new flavour for them that will fit in with the traditional Mackie’s brand. They even brought along their ice cream flavour for us to try at the Elevator office.

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As research for our project we would greatly appreciate it if you could help by filling out this ice cream survey: thank you very much.

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Top 5 fun ice cream facts!

1. Who eats the most? On average, each person in the UK eats around 7 litres of ice cream a year! Finland – 14 litres. America – 27. New Zealand – 28.

2. The most popular ice cream topping is chocolate syrup.

3. One cow can produce enough milk to make 34,000 litres in its lifetime.

4. The biggest ever ice cream sundae weighed over 24 tonnes and was made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1988.

5. The largest ice cream cone measured 2.81 m (9 ft 2.63 in) in height and was achieved by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti of Italy.

Thank you very much to Mackies Ice Cream for their assistance so far

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