Supporting entrepreneurs is at the core of our business, and no matter what stage you are at on your own entrepreneurial journey, we know it is a daunting process. Our unique model of delivering Business Gateway services has not only helped nurture the regions we operate in, but it has cultivated a culture of growth for business owners.

Caryn Gibson, Deputy Operations Manager at Business Gateway Tayside, speaks about her passion for people, inspiring entrepreneurs to recognise their potential and providing them with the exact tools required to flourish.

“Our region is sitting on the cusp of an economic renaissance. Its future is looking bright and exciting changes are coming for a city that has traditionally been talked about in clichés of jute, jam and journalism.

“Dundee is now firmly on the map. Not just the Scottish and UK one, but internationally.

“As we go through this transformation, we have made it our mission to ensure our business support services are aligned with what ambitious entrepreneurs are looking for. Fundamentally supporting a sustainable and economic environment. 

“Elevator is the largest provider of Business Gateway services in Scotland, working across three of the country’s seven cities – Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth.

“But what makes us different? Well, we simply do what we advise our clients to do. We research, listen and put clients at the core of our offering. In turn our teams shape and design our services to suit their needs.

“As a team we have embraced Service Design – a method designed to organise a mix of materials in order to improve interaction between service providers and its clients - ensuring our customers come first. We are utilising new technology to offer a sleek, interactive experience, while exploring the use of Growth Mindset - a theory designed around the belief that you can improve intelligence, ability and performance - to ensure our clients aspirations are at an all time high.

“We firmly believe that growing a business should be an enjoyable experience. Coupled with one to one support from advisers we have introduced a suite of interactive and innovative masterclasses designed to enthuse and motivate business owners. 

“With a mix of themes, each masterclass presents clients with opportunities to grow their business. They have discovered how to visualise and bring their ideal customer to life with digital marketing guru Roddy McLean Co-Founder of Curious Egg, learnt how to build an online brand with social media influencer, Howey Don, heard from local entrepreneurs Andy Lothian Insights CEO and much more.

“By delivering services this way we are ensuring our customers stay on the map, and the right path to success.

“I think it is fair to say that Dundee has historically been misunderstood, the region does have its challenges, but it leaps ahead with advantages. It is a city full of buzz, places and plans. The ‘City of Discovery’ fought back and is ready to be rediscovered!  

“Is it time to rediscover your entrepreneurial ambitions? Our business advisers are just a phone call away. Visit our business advice page to find out more.”

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