We'd like to introduce a very special guest blog from broadcaster and owner of Mellis Media, John Mellis. John has been radio broadcasting in the North East Of Scotland for more than twenty years, but if you haven’t caught him there, chances are you’ve heard his dulcet tones at Pittodrie where he’s match day stadium announcer for his beloved Dons. 

In an on-demand, multi-platform, multiple device era, John produces beautifully crafted, influential and creative audio to motivate, inform, and entertain - through his audio agency Mellis Media. 



John Mellis

John Mellis' Top Tips for Using Audio to Enhance Your Business

Rajar is the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK. Its most recent findings show 89% of the British population tune in to radio every week, and the number who do that via a mobile or tablet, is UP 20% year on year. 

Given we’re all so accustomed to, and enjoy the act of listening to media, added to the fact we’re increasingly choosing to do so on multiple devices - it makes perfect sense for your business to target that audience. 

Recording audio, whether yourself or professionally, is cost-effective, doesn’t necessarily require specialist equipment, and can be produced and shared quickly. It allows busy consumers to listen whilst travelling, walking the dog, or at the gym. You can reach your mass audience any time, anywhere.

Here are my Top Tips for using audio to enhance your business:

1: Authenticate - Use Audio Testimonials

Customer testimonial pages on your website. We’ve all got them. Bert from Balmedie waxes lyrical about your product or service. Fabulous! Someone believes in you and is willing to endorse it. However, it’s much more compelling when we we actually hear the subtle nuances in Bert’s voice. Let your existing customers entice new ones. 

2: Educate - Become An Expert

Work with me here. Very quickly, tell me the first name that pops into your head when you think of an ‘oil and gas expert’. Was it Sir Ian Wood? Probably. The point is, you came up with a name. How did that person become ‘the name’? Most likely because you saw them on TV, or heard them on the radio responding to a question about their industry. Become the authority figure of your industry. Take the most relevant issue on a weekly basis, and answer it, or offer an opinion on it. You can record via your smartphone. There are various apps which allow you to record and edit all-in-one. Seems technical, but it’s easy enough to grasp with a little practice. Once you’re up to speed, you can share your thoughts by social media, or directly with newsrooms. Before you know it, you too will become a go-to-guru, which, in turn, offers you a platform to promote your business. 

3: Navigate - Help Your Customers Out

What are the questions your potential customers are asking? When you’ve established that, be helpful, and answer the query for them. No matter the nature of your business - people do business with people. A friendly helpful voice can work wonders. Solve the problem. Bring your potential customer an answer. Record it. Share it. Host it on your website. When they land on your page, they click play, and magically, you’ve solved their issue, established trust, and forged a relationship. 

4: Motivate - Encourage others

Corporate Social Responsibility. Got a nominated charity? Organising activities to raise funds? Elect someone to record your weigh-in, your jogging training, or your sleep-out overnight. Document it. Have fun. It all adds colour to the process, develops team spirit, and encourages others to participate or donate to your chosen cause. 

John Mellis

John Mellis

5: Innovate - Be different, and stand out.

Use audio in apps with location services. Direct tourists through landmarks, shoppers to your bargains, or new students around your campus. Be the recruitment specialist which goes the extra mile for employers and job seekers. Use audio to elevate a ‘hot job’to a showcase position with the employer’s existing staff explaining what a great company it is to work for. Allow HR specialists to record their top advice for securing a dream posting. 

6: Initiate - Be proactive

There’s always a buzz term. Right now it’s ‘inbound marketing’. The principle is simple. Create something worthwhile to attract people to your company and its website. Got a restaurant? Record your chef taking you through his signature dish. Hosting an event with a guest speaker? Record a  chat with the speaker in advance of the event, and share it to promote ticket sales. 

Audio is multifaceted, powerful, engaging, incredibly responsive and, importantly, cost effective.

It’s your voice. Make it heard.

You can also listen to the audio version of John's guest blog by clicking here. (our first ever Elevator audio blog post!)

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