Our Elevator Challenge takes place in June and includes a range of business orientated activities, team challenges and projects. Ariana took part in our 2016 challenge from Friday 10th-Sunday 12th June. She shares her experience in this guest blog post. 


Screen Shot 2016 06 17 at 14.19.31The Elevator Challenge

The Elevator Challenge will push you out of your comfort zone and bring you to your very limits. 

Every "I can“ will change into an "I did“.



Because within the comfort zone you only employ old skills. 

But it is beyond the comfort zone where you acquire new skills.


Good news: you will literally never walk alone. 

Or, let us be clear - you will never walk, hike, run, climb, jump, drown or fall alone.


You can’t really prepare for the Elevator Challenge. 

But the Elevator Challenge will prepare you.



You will have to find out yourself. The Elevator Challenge is all about being taken by surprise, so we won’t give away any details, but here is what we can tell you.


Once you step onto the bus, you are being taken onto an adventure that will make you grow higher than the highest tree you might have to climb.  

And once you get off the bus on Sunday evening, you won’t be the same person anymore. That’s for sure.


Screen Shot 2016 06 17 at 15.19.054 Things you’ll learn during the Elevator Challenge 



You won’t get much sleep. Forget that 8-hour-of-sleep-advice that Business Blogs give.

Be a real leader and be agile, meaning: adapt to the circumstances and reschedule your sleep. 

Be a real leader and look for a Plan B, meaning: think outside the box and come up with creative solutions facing the inescapable lack-of-sleep-dilemma.


Maybe:  Meditation. That could be a time-efficient way to (try to) regain energy.

Certainly: Coachride. The camp is far off and it takes about three hours to get there, which will give you enough time to sleep on the bus on the way back.


Screen Shot 2016 06 17 at 12.18.08COMMUNICATE 

An entrepreneurial mindset goes along with being ready and eager to communicate and work together with people. 

So far so good.


Now, take that to the next level and you’ll know what it will be like to communicate and work together with people during the challenge.


You will become a team player - whether you are already used to working in a team, or whether you prefer to get work done on your own. 

There will be no lone wolf, there will only be the pack.


Now, that might seem like a challenge in itself, since a team will be composed of personalities that already tend to be proactive and take the lead. 


Every one will get a moment to be the alpha wolf. 

All you will have to do is communicate - howl as much as you can. 


13445778 10154269871716098 3749664308810771358 n2FAIL & KEEP GOING

They say: You have to fall to get up again. 

We add: You have to fall to get up again and fall to get up again and fall to get up again.


The fact is that you will fall a lot during the challenge. 

But if you bear in mind that you will get up stronger and wiser every time you have fallen, falling suddenly becomes quite tolerable, doesn’t it?

Failure is inevitable, and we all learn from mistakes. You have to know what losing feels like to know how great it feels to win. If you never tasted the foul taste of failure, how could you possibly appreciate sweet success? 

Employing the imagery of the Elevator Challenge … if you never fall into the water, how can you possibly know how great it feels to float…? 



Life sometimes gives you too much time to listen to worries and doubts. 

Trust us, you won’t have time to doubt. The Elevator Challenge won’t even give you enough time to sleep so there is no chance you will get a single second to doubt yourself, the team, or a decision.

You will have to brainstorm, communicate, decide and act.


And you will get the chance to experience what it is life to completely ignore the voice of doubt and worries.

You will learn to believe -  in your abilities and in those of your team members, you will learn to trust yourself and to trust others and you will believe in the magic of teamwork, the magic in creating something bigger, together.


If you would like to find out more about The Elevator Challenge, please contact Simon Fraser at Simon@ElevatorUK.com.


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