Robertson's Upholstery Will Help You Take A Seat - Home That Is


It’s time once again for you to take a  comfy seat and indulge in our Business Spotlight, and if you  don’t have a comfy enough seat, or even any seats at all, then do not fear - for this week our focus is on Robertson's Upholsterers.

You guessed it, Gary Robertson’s business specialises in upholstery and renovating and repairing furniture - and this business didn’t just pop up with luck. Gary Robertson is an example of how you can cut a niche yourself by using some good business principles... Such as marketing. Now would be a good time to also point you to our blog on marketing, so add that to your ‘to read’ list!

Gary had the skills, he had the drive to want to be his own boss and he had the business skill (with a little help from us good folks at Business Gateway!) So Gary put these skills to use:

“I started the business once i had carried out around 2 months of market research and soon noticed that there was a market for my service,most upholsterers in this area had retired or moved jobs so the timing was perfect”

However, not all business have had an easy ride through the financial environment, and as we continue to hear about ever further government cuts and the tightened economic climate, many other businesses would be grasping their wallets tightly and battening down the hatches... But Robertson’s Upholsterer’s isn’t any other business. By offering cheaper but high quality alternatives, Gary has found great success:

“Our moto is recycle, recover, restore - and the economy has helped us secure orders at least two months in advance - the cost of restoring a piece of furniture is far less than buying new. We also source furniture for customers and restore it as well as buying in stock of old furniture and selling it on once restored at furniture fairs"

But he hasn't had to do it alone, and has thrived with the help that Business Gateway have offered him in order to ensure his skills were able to turn into his thiving business most effectively:

“Business gateway has supported me from the start and have given me the skills to begin and continue to help improve my business”

Robertson's Upholstery: 07511 688 564


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