In the hit 80’s movie Back to the Future - 'The Doc' and Marty McFly hop in their time travel Delorean to go back…to the future on the 21st of October 2015. Well, hold on! that’s today!  

And what a futuristic place 'the future' was in the movie... 

hoverboardThere were hover boards.

We are all still yet to own one but apparently they are in development and do exist. 

Homes had video conferencing facilities throughout the house - what, you mean like our mobile phones which we carry with us everywhere? 

Apparently Nike is developing a self-tying shoe, 3D films are the norm though we are yet to see a cooker (hydrator) that turns a tiny pizza into a huge one. 

At Elevator, we are extremely lucky to have our very own time travel device - Future of the Web, social media, and web commerce expert - Stephen Whitelaw.  

Stephen Whitelaw future web social media edit

So if you would like to learn about: 

- the most cutting edge technologies to embrace for the success of your business online, 

- the changing trends in social media and online engagement to capture you customers and audience 

Then our Back to the Future…of the Web event, as part of Elevator Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week, and in the run up to our huge Elevator Conference - is not to be missed! 

Let’s go back…to the future!


Back to the Future...of the web Elevator Week event

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