Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

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Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year

Sponsored by the University of Aberdeen:

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The Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award recognises an outstanding individual, under the age of 35 (as at 23/3/2018). This individual will have built a business with great potential and will stand out as a business player, an innovator, a leader - someone who has already made a recognisable mark upon their chosen sector.

Part 1. Please confirm the applicant’s date of birth: (DD/ MM / YYYY)

For this award, the applicant should be under the age of 35 as at 23/3/2018.

Part 2. Does this person possess the following characteristics in their business life? Please give examples.

(Total Word Count – 2,000 words): 

  • Entrepreneurial Acumen: often displayed through high standards, risk-taking, overcoming obstacles, and tenacity.
  • Innovation: pioneering new approaches, new products, having an ability to change and adapt to situations. 
  • Strategic direction: pursuing a vision, plans for future growth, measuring performance, market knowledge.
  • Leading and building teams: identifying and employing world leading teams, developing a positive business culture and strong leadership.
  • Financial performance: profitability, growth, long-term sustainability, new investment.
  • Individual and corporate social responsibility: strong values, involvement in the wider community, supporting and encouraging others