The Savage Bakery

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Company Name:

The Savage Bakery


Name(s) of founding team:

Heather Kerr

What is the business?:

The Savage Bakery offers affordable bespoke cake delivery within the local area and are known for outlandish humour and inventive designs.  We are expanding our range to include a nationwide distribution of personalised "bake at home" cake kits.  Our design promise is "No Limits, No Judgement" which allows customers to be as inventive as they wish when placing an order and secures our place as the home of edible adult entertainment.

Target market:

Adults: 25-40, business to business sales, events/festivals, remote location personnel, sense of humour.

6 word story describing the business:

Cakes, Humour, Entertainment, Adult, Alternative, Unlimited

Business classification:

Online Retail

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