David Christie

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Grey Matters Project Manager

David believes the development of people in an organisation is fundamental to support entrepreneurship and business excellence,  creating the right culture to achieve operational excellence. 

In his role as the Grey Matters Project Manager for the Pilot Programme in Summer 2017, David calls on his many years of experience as a Military Officer in the Royal Air Force; running businesses, and for the last 11 years working globally in Human Factors focused on people development at every level within an organisation. 

He has run a family business and also worked as an Adviser for Aberdeen Enterprise Trust (now Elevator) where for 6 years he supported business start-up and high growth organisations. David is passionate about supporting individuals achieve their business aims and objectives through highly effective business and financial planning.

David runs his own business, Assurance of Learning Limited focused on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management and is a Board Member of the Chartered Management Institute in Scotland.

David is Project Manager for the Grey Matters Programme. To find out more and apply for the Grey Matters Programme, please click HERE.